Cheap Clothes in Olympia!

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  1. Hi!
    Does Dumpster Values buy clothing, or is it only for store credit?
    Also, say I have an adorable vintage dress in good condition, about how much money/store credit would I get for it?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi. I was visiting the area last week during the festival. Walked by your store and saw a rectangle piece of linen with tatting around the edge in the window hanging on line. Do you still have it and if so do you mail items?

  3. Do you do clothing exchange?

  4. do you buy clothes?

  5. I once went in there and found a dress I really wanted. It was ten bucks but they didn’t take cards. The clerk said. “It’s ok, you can just pay us back next time you come in”. I couldn’t believe it! Of course I came back in and paid for the dr dress( which I got so many compliments on.) I love this place and I’m on my way there now to pick up some boots for the hubby. They always have the unique items looking for!

  6. Wondering if you only take ladies or do you also take men and children clothes.

  7. Do you rent space for screen printing upstairs?

  8. Do y’all have any bikes

  9. Do you only do Store Credit for your clothing exchange?

  10. I know you are closed because of the car crashing into your wall (lol). But do you know when you will be opened again?

  11. Do you have any Electronics?

  12. Hello,

    Messaging from many miles away… do yall still sell ” Olympia Lowlife” stickers. I have one from many years ago fron Dumpster Values and i need a new one


  13. Does your store have any female torso mannequin’s?

  14. Do you sell skateboards?

  15. Hi. Do you take jewelry on consignment?

  16. Hello, 🤗

    Do you guys buy accessories at all?
    Things like vintage purses?
    Or designer brand purses/wallets (Louis Vuitton or Badgley Mischka)?
    What other types of accessories would you be interested in (if you do buy them 😜)?

    Thank you very much for your help.

  17. Are you guys hiring anytime soon?

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